I want to be a good social networker, but it’s turning into a pain in the ass and I don’t see things getting better. I’ve got my blog, Flickr, and Facebook. Facebook seems to be the ideal place to tie everything together – put a note on my wall every time I post new photos to Flickr, or post a new blog entry over here, with the appropriate links.

Seems relatively straightforward, but the limited digging I’ve done doesn’t seem to indicate that. Yes, there’s “My Flickr” on Facebook but I don’t think that does notifications or puts things on the wall (and for some reason, my internet access in Amsterdam is flakier than it was in Nairobi). Getting notifications from the blog seems tricky as well… again, maybe I just haven’t dug far enough. The likely ideal solution here would be to:

a) free up enough time to write code

b) learn the Facebook and Flickr APIs, and enough WordPress to be dangerous

c) make it so

Unfortunately, part A is gonna be a while… so I’ll keep hunting (and would love any answers others might have).

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  1. Have you tried Posterous.com? It makes hitting all your social sites with updates very easy.

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