I need to upgrade WordPress so I can use the handy WordPress app on my handy iPhone. First step… get a local version of the blog going (thank you, MAMP), do the upgrade there, and then if it works right I can do it here.

Given that I haven’t blogged in months, I can’t imagine this matters to anyone, but if for some reason you notice things getting wonky, well, stay tuned for a reversal of wonkiness.

UPDATE: all done.

Looks like I may have found the secret on Facebook… rather than learning all the APIs and writing code, I think I just linked it all up the way I wanted to by going to my profile, and just clicking on “Flickr”, then “Blog/RSS”, then “Pandora”, etc., and entering the appropriate linkage info.

We’ll see, but this might make me very happy…

I want to be a good social networker, but it’s turning into a pain in the ass and I don’t see things getting better. I’ve got my blog, Flickr, and Facebook. Facebook seems to be the ideal place to tie everything together – put a note on my wall every time I post new photos to Flickr, or post a new blog entry over here, with the appropriate links.

Seems relatively straightforward, but the limited digging I’ve done doesn’t seem to indicate that. Yes, there’s “My Flickr” on Facebook but I don’t think that does notifications or puts things on the wall (and for some reason, my internet access in Amsterdam is flakier than it was in Nairobi). Getting notifications from the blog seems tricky as well… again, maybe I just haven’t dug far enough. The likely ideal solution here would be to:

a) free up enough time to write code

b) learn the Facebook and Flickr APIs, and enough WordPress to be dangerous

c) make it so

Unfortunately, part A is gonna be a while… so I’ll keep hunting (and would love any answers others might have).

I just wrote a post with another offline editor (BlogDesk) and wanted to see if the general impression vis-a-vis ecto is right. Ecto is definitely slower to load, respond, etc., and does feel a bit cluttered. I suspect that if I knew what it did I would be impressed. Or something.

Here’s that same kitty from Soweto, just for cuteness/completeness sake:


Hmm. It seemed to work… not as obvious, but still worked. I suspect ecto is the better client but suffers from overdesign, overcoding, and a few other things that no one really needs. Really curious to see how the flickr stuff actually works in ecto, but (see other post) I’m not online so no such luck there.

In this one, I clicked “Send Notification Email”. Really curious to see wtf that does…

Back to more interesting topics soon. This would be a really fun code project to pick up – write my own – if I had a life that allowed such things as coding for fun. I think I’ve got an hour left on this flight and I think I may have C# Express installed…

So I’ve mostly got my WordPress theme where I want it for the blog… similar to the old one but with the sidebar on the right, a few fewer distractions, and the CSS not quite as polished. That’s where I’m looking for help – if you’re handy with CSS/PHP, especially in the context of WordPress, and want to offer what will probably be about 30 minutes of work for someone who knows what they’re doing, let me know.

I can’t/won’t pay real money but I’ll buy you a beverage or do something else nice for you.

Here’s a photo of a kitty from Soweto in case that makes you more inclined to help.



Tags: , (posting from Blogdesk, which has a “Technorati Tags” generator tool. I still don’t get what Technorati tags are. Could probably find out within 30 seconds if I was online, but sadly still no internet at 35,000 feet*). I also don’t know what “Allow pings” means. I used to be hip and with it, but apparently I am now a fuddy-blog-duddy.

* and if we ever do get bandwidth on planes and the Skype/other VOIP ports aren’t blocked, securely blocked, I will be very very very angry… same reason we should never get cell coverage on planes… I do NOT want to hear 245 simultaneous conversations non-stop from Atlanta to Seattle. IM would be great – but only text, not voice.

Just fired up C# Express, which I downloaded ages ago, thinking I’d try to cruft together a prototype blogging client. Here’s what I got:


I couldn’t do much other than Exit, as I’m on a plane. No C# writing for me today… guess I’ll fire up Eclipse and keep trying to learn that whole brave new world. I have no idea what the kids are using to write client apps these days.

PS. There must be a better way of taking a screenshot and getting it into a blog post than going ALT-PRINTSCREEN, open Photoshop, File-New, CTRL-V, Save As… PNG, then put that into the post. Really, I’m sure there is, and I’m sure I’ll never know what it is.

slight billing glitch on my part left the georgeconard.com offline for the last day or so… that’s fixed and we seem to be back up and running…

Elaine was admonishing me last night about not blogging enough… and so I’ve been trying to fix that by updating the look and feel of the blog (rather than the obvious solution of actually writing something). What you see now is the first cut – v0.1 – of what will need a lot more work. Trying to keep the previous look & feel of the site but bring it into the WordPress age, and make it a bit nicer along the way. We’ll see.

Leaving for 3 days in South Africa at 6 AM this Saturday morning, so maybe that will be good time to write. Or maybe not.

Oh, and feel free to leave bug reports, requests, whatever, for the theme in the comments…

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